Happy Diwali!!!

Happy Diwali to everyone! :)

Well… Hmmm successfully created the blog. Big achievement Pavan. A big round of applause everyone (Clap!Clap!Clap! :P) .. Thanku Thanku one and all…. This is my first post here.. Got lots to write.. But not today..feeling lazy u see(Hee hee… nintale enu bariyakke illa ashte :D)…….Will let u guys know if something comes up …Not very soon I guess… Lets see…Keep ur fingers crossed….(Dude Pavan, even ur blog seems to be chaotic :D) Yeah whatever :P


7 responses to “Happy Diwali!!!

  1. congrats! finally u have started on ur mission impossible…long way to go..n many more bragging blogs to come i guess :D :D anways waiting for all of them.:) All the best dude!

  2. evry1’s been commenting. wudnt be nice if i don’t so too…so here u go. :Dbtw, y r u offended wen ppl cal u dude? shudn’t v cal u such?? :D :P

  3. @vini: Guess he wanted to b called a Dude..wihtout an “e” ! …lol!@pavan: now dont get mad at me!:p:p….nice start…but next time..more content! :p:D….Keep the spirit flowing! :)

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