2 movies in a day!!!

For a big time movie buff, this is pretty late but still…….The honor goes to Fashion & Quantum Of Solace. The other way round??? Nah.

As much as its difficult to digest, QoS sucked, if not big time. Fashion as expected, was passable & predictable. Ok watch. I just went because everyone was going(Yeah, that happens all the time.More on that in a coming-shortly post).There is so much of Priyanka Chopra in the movie I can safely say I have become allergic to her after watching the movie. Anyways,I wanna crib about QoS & I’ll precisely do that. I am not a 007 fan as such, but some or the other way I have ended up watching the last 5 Bond movies at the theatre. And wasn’t really impressed with any of them. I even found the highly acclaimed Casino Royale only watchable. Coming back to QoS, there isn’t much plot in the movie as much as there is chaotic action . Also all the action sequences had a sense of dejavu (been there,seen that you know) about them. And the movie is totally stripped off all the famous 007 elements – the theme music, the witty one-liners, the suaveness, the Bond-James-Bond line, the ‘ROMANCE’!!! I mean, I agree the few movies before Casino… had descended into formula & were kinda kitsch, but with this one they have yo-yo ed to the other extreme. Hope the people involved get smarter for Bond 23. Only one question – Mr.Bond, WHY SO SERIOUS??? (Hey this quote has made it to both my posts :P). And one request to the makers- Bring the lovely ladies back to the show!!!

So,what was I saying? Yeah yeah, 2 movies in a single day. 3 in a day? Some other time, sure.

P.S : Most reviewers have actually praised the action sequences in QoS and the movie has got good reviews overall. I know its difficult, but don’t get too biased by the review here.Go see it,at your own risk though ;)


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