MCPSri Pavan Kumar Kulkarni!!!

A female friend of mine bestowed the highest civilian award in the country upon me. Members of Wannabe-MCP Association in Ghatkopar have burnt effigies of me and raised slogans.The spokesperson of the society has already made a public declaration in Aaj Tak that once they find the person who has awarded me this honor, they will make an effigy and burn it. So,in order to save the effigy,we shall just keep the person-in-question’s identity a secret. For people wondering if I am a deserving enough candidate for the title, here’s the story.

Well,its not much of a story. Few friends of mine were planning to watch Fashion. I plainly said I don’t like most of the movies with female leads(Hollywood or Bollywood) as they are pathetic. (Ok fine, I finally saw the movie.But this much I ‘ll say in my honor.They had to call me thrice). So if this doesn’t make me the biggest MCP in the country, what will??? :P :P Male chauvinism is all about not watching Charlie’s Angels,for example,correct?

I wonder why we don’t have an all-girls version of Dil Chahta Hai (I couldn’t resist this – Dil Chahti Hai? :D) Wonder why all good female-oriented movies are tear-jerkers? Wonder why we don’t have a lady Indiana Jones? Uh wait,dude … You talking about Lara Croft – Tomb Raider???

I rest my case.May justice prevail.

(Lara Croft was fabulous,tho.No doubt)


5 responses to “MCPSri Pavan Kumar Kulkarni!!!

  1. MCP…hmmm i wonder who could have called you that. Is it some1 i know? n why dont u like female lead movies!? wait till u find a female lead in ur life story :Danywys whoever it is, let me tell her that she’s wrong. i guess its too strong a word to be used for you.But I know there are some instances here n there when u act like one:D so lets change the title of ur blog to sometimes MCP SRI Pavan Kumar Kulkarni :D

  2. hee hee ya!:p:p…female leads totally rock!:p…esp books!:p:p…if ud have expressed the same view strongly after seein the movie…bout not bein interested in female protagonists…the MCP part wud have been smudged…coz that movie esp sucks bigtime!:p:p….but neways…id rather not have preconcieved notions bout nethin before expereiencin it!’s easier tat way!:p

  3. wooo..n a female dil chahta hai…wudn b possible…coz girls have much more fun then u cud ever imagine…it wud have been somethin more interesting than dil chahta hai!:p:p…sadly no one’s dared to capture tat feminine side ashte!:p:p

  4. MCP. Was trying hard to find what it means :-DSomewhere in the end of the post saw the full form of first 2 letters :-PSaala, can’t even put the full form somewhere for ignorant HCW like me.H = Human ;-)W = Warthog :-D

  5. @Divya,There are absolutely no instances!!!and female lead in my life story??? Hehe :)@Ashwini,You talkin’ to me??? :D :DDCH with female protagonists is either too unimaginable or too boring.So no one made it.@Puma,By now you shud’ve knownMCP – MALE CHAUVINIST PIGAnd r u doing this on purpose? :P :D

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