The Journey – 1 : The Train,The Ticket & The Zombie

Even after 2 months, no one has still asked me why the blog is called ‘Chaos is Forever’???( Do people know me so well? Or they just don’t give a damn? My optimistic side surely its the former (My painfully practical side says surely people have much better things to do! :D)

08/12/2008. 4:00 PM .I got on the train from Bangalore to Hyderabad . Yes!yes!yes!I had booked the train tickets this time (Never mind I could not book tickets on time for the train which starts from Majestic station and for this train I had to go all the way to Y’pur!!! ). It was smooth journeying till 8 pm(reading His Dark Materials:The Amber Spyglass, listening to music). I had even got myself tuned to the incessant braying from the almost-berth-full college goers,supposedly on a trip. And at that point in time, as paradoxical as it may sound, came the expected twist in the tale. I opened my bag to check for my e-ticket print out. And what do I discover??? Bingo!!!

I was quite puzzled because for once I vividly remembered keeping the ticket in the bag. Well, I am quite at home during situations like these, so don’t expect me to get all panicky and act hyper.I usually have a strategy during such situations: Ask yourself – What’s the worst case scenario??? I had an ID proof and all but still had the least idea how the TT will react at the audacity. More often than not, you might expect another one from the get-rid-of-the-IT-people community to appear and growl “You e-ticket-losing morons, you Ipod-wielding dumbsh*ts,I guess I have been bestowed this opportunity to rid the world of your species.The world will be all the better with one less Software Engineer”. The man gives a ferocious roar, lifts me up with two hands and hauls me out of the running train.I stumble and get on my feet to find myself in an eerily deserted station. I enter the eerily deserted town and find out its inhabited with zombies. I run back to the station only to find out what? There is no station!!! Thousands of zombies stagger towards me hungrily from all directions… (Yes,lot of time to kill when you are traveling alone) Presently, I came back to the real world with no zombies. I need to search the entire bag once, I thought.

Meanwhile, the train stopped. I absently asked a porter “Ee station babu?”( In telugu, every stranger’s name is Babu) . The guy answered, “Dharmavaram Babu…” Instantly,I felt it. A heightened sense of things. The bigger picture. Clairvoyance…

(The Journey…Will continue)


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