The Journey – 2: The Train, The TT & The Chutney

The Journey – Part 1 : Here

Now whats so special about this station? The Idli-Wada here, more specifically the chutney is in the creme-de-la-creme range (Chutney-de-la-Chutney anyone???). You wont find a hotter/spicier chutney(good not good is a perception) in the big wide world . I had to act.

As it was not my usual train today, the idli shops were still open when the train reached here. And I was hungry too (Mr.Pinocchio, you had just gobbled down a plate full of Biryani 10 min back!You were not hungry!)Usually I am not good at prioritizing things, but with this heightened sense, your clarity of thought increases tenfold. The lost-ticket issue quickly got stored as meta-data in the brain,to be retrieved at a later time; all the brain cells focused on the job – the get-idly-chutney mission. The body then quickly responded, got down the train, got a pack of idli-wada and got back in the train with a sense of accomplishment . Done. More to exhibit some normal human behavior than any worry over the lost ticket, I reluctantly kept the pack aside and searched the bag for the ticket. Two whole minutes of searching proved futile. I opened the idli-wada pack and started savoring the yummy idli- chutney (Eat eat, you Bakasura!) . Mmmm…The taste hasn’t changed even after 7-8 years. Few things just don’t change :) .

So I waited and waited for the D-time (like D-day, you know)…… The guy never appeared. To keep my mind occupied, I went about the most logical thing to do – think about how to convert this into my next blog post, without actually knowing the ending. Its actually like yourself being in a suspense thriller! 9..10..10.30…10.45…10.50…. Then suddenly,as if to mock all my sense of caution and foreboding , simply out of thin air, appeared the TT -“Aapka ticket dikhaiye”… I gingerly produced my PAN Card “Sir, mera e-ticket ka print out kho gaya”…. Without even speaking a word, he turned to the next guy and asked for his ticket and the person next, leaving me wondering .

Finally he came back to me.”Sir, mere paas ID proof hain…” I showed my PAN card trying to twist my face to make it look like the one in the PAN card. He examined the PAN card for a few sceptical minutes, checked the list and repeated the same steps all over again .Then he promptly asked me to cough up Rs.50.Sigh!!!. He even gave me a receipt for the same. So it was once again Triumph of the Absent-minded. And, if I must add, the suspense thriller had turned out to be an anti-climax in the worst sense…

And then it struck me (Remember, all suspense thrillers have a flash back of shocking revelation at the end). The cyber cafe! I had taken a print-out of the ticket at the cyber cafe and kept them in the my back-pack.Then to make sure of the train time, I took the ticket out only to find out the time is not mentioned there. So I put down the print-out on the table (camera zooms on my hand..slow motion starts), check the timings in the website and walk out leaving the ticket BEHIND!!! Ahhh…(cut to the present) I am staring right into the face of the TT who has transformed into a hideous looking zombie with a scimitar in his hand….(Axe is passe) and I look around… the compartment is full of zombies… I scream …and then….SLAAASSH….

(Don’t bother guys, just another flash of my ‘imaginary brilliance’….I mean…Ok just forget it…I reached Hyd next day morning 4.45 am,got down at the station,smiled & walked off into the mundane…)


5 responses to “The Journey – 2: The Train, The TT & The Chutney

  1. Zombies u say?Macha, u dont have to be afraid of them.u’d have lost them too eventually and at the right time. :D :DAh, I c..But u also’d have found them back a li’l while later. :D :Pi know u r a fan of tarantino.. but zombies in a train?! :D :D

  2. tooo much of imagination :D Zombies charging at you! :D LOL did u scare them??? btw told me u remembered that u left it in the cybercafe even b4 the TT came…the order is reversed in the blog…kaise kaise??:Danyways ur expressions while u narrated the story was more scary this story :D

  3. why the heck is your blog called Chaos is forever eh?? You do this all the time??? :P Dude..frankly reading the whole 2 parts twice I just lost the flow somewhere… nice wry humor…good going… :)

  4. @Vini,An ode to the movies…that’s what this post is ;)@Div,I had actually put it in proper order,but then the flashback wouldn’t have been there… ;)And madam,where was this sharp memory when we actually needed it,so many times? :P :P@yossarain,Yes I do this all the time :D.I know it was a longish post to say the least, but the questions you asked me later, you should’ve paid little attention :P@Praveen,Fortunately for the readers, no parts 3 & 4 :D.. Landed safely and without incident ;)

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