Back to the movies!!!

Saw Angels & Demons last Sunday. A movie at the theaters after a long hiatus ( >3 months). The movie in itself, turned out to be pretty average. Langdon and Ms.Vetra keep running frantically all around Rome while discussing intelligently about Bernini’s art and the other clues. That’s it for most of the movie. Going on common sense, such movies are supposed to have more action sequences or something visually appealing than the books they are adapted from. Surprisingly, the makers of this movie thought otherwise. A suspense thriller sans the action. Two positive points : One,AnD is way better than DaViC, but that isnt saying much,right? Two, Beautiful Rome and its architecture :) Anyways, I hope Tom Hanks will now go back to playing those delightful characters like we’ve seen him doing all these years.

But the big news is….its a treat for the movie buffs in the coming months! Lots of biggies lined up for India Release. Terminator Salvation, X-MEN Origins: Wolverine (actually both movies aren’t exactly setting the US box office on fire), Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs & Star Trek. I have almost zilch knowledge about the Star Trek series but the movie has got such great response (all time #88 in IMDB as of today & 95% on the tomatometer) I have to watch it after all. There’s also Up (Looks like The dudes at Pixar have got an Oscar Winner yet again ) and Tranformers 2 . Then,there’s the biggest of them all : Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince . The movie has taken long in the making and it better be darn good. Phew, still quite a few movies left; but I’ll stop this here :P

Things don’t seem quite rosy on the Bollywood front what with the strike n all. Serves them both right: Producers, for giving us crappy movies most of the time and the multiplex owners for their exhorbitant prices :P. One movie which seems interesting is Vishal Bharadwaj’s Kaminey (the title sounds cool too :D)

Enjoy the pop-corn guys ;)

“Once Again I must ask too much of you,Harry…”

P.S: Morning show balcony ticket at Rex is just 60 bucks! Even on weekends!!!

The ‘Amazing’ Swayamwar

Move over Elections,move over IPL, the biggest event the year is here – Rakhi Ka Swayamwar. Rakhi Sawant(RS) has confirmed in a recent interview a strong speculation which was doing rounds – Lalit Modi & the EC had requested Rakhi to postpone the Swayamwar till after the elections and the IPL are over. Modi actually made a deal with Rakhi that he will send some cricketers to the show if she postpones it till the IPL is over. I wonder why EC hasn’t issued as public thanks to Rakhi because if not for her , the vote percentage would’ve been much lower than the measly number now.

Anyways, now that everything is settled, the Swayamwar is all set to commence. And I, much like the Fake IPL Player have some inside information on the show (Fake Rakhi suitor? No I wouldn’t go as far to call myself that :P)Lets get to the point now. I heard SRK has sent his entire team,expenses included, to the show as a ‘reward’ for their achieve-the-impossible performance in IPL2. Last heard, some Gang-wala-Dada was in a fit of rage saying he’s married and elderly people should be respected etc etc. He was packed off nevertheless. Ishant Sharma was excited (like)a child and has conveniently forgotten the promise he made to mom that he would return home “Ganga jaisa pavitrr“.

Rakhi has personally invited some eligible bachelors to improve the ‘glamour quotient’ of the show. Of course Salman would be there(No reason. You dare question Salman Khan? Not even on a blog!). I have heard even Aamir would be there as he is planning to cast Parthiv Patel (yeah,he’s there too) for TZP-2. Sreesanth has been invited simply because when it comes to melodramatic performances in real life, he’s only next to the woman herself. Bhajji has been specifically invited to inspire(read slap) Sree and make him bring forth his melodramatic side. Tushaar Kapoor and Harman Baweja invited themselves (C’mon guys, how many months can one spend on a playtation at home?)

About the format of the show,well, here’s info on that too. Since Rakhi has stated she likes strong muscular men, there will be a do-or-die fight round. Of course, if its Ishant vs Salman, it will be “do” for one and “die” for the other. Bhajji vs Sree should be fun to watch what with all the slapping and the crying. And with all this drama going on around, can the original drama queen stay behind? Its her Swayamwar after all! I can imagine her saying “Chalo chalo, ab sab log laine mein khadhe ho jao aur ek ek karke mujhe woo karo…. Mujhse shaadi karna hai ki nai, chalo mera achcha bachcha, you come woo to me

Well, looks like I have revealed a bit too much guys. Anything more, and the NDTV bosses have threatened that it’ll be shut-shop for this blog. Ah! Like I’ll let them wrench away my freedom of expression… Ah! like my readers will let them (I can sees the :Ps) . Also whats the fun if the entire storyline of a high-on-adrenaline suspense thriller is revealed beforehand?. Of course, I wont be watching it coz its a drama whose script I already know….. Muuhaaahhhaaa (Love the mytho-demon laugh) :D

Zangetsu – The Awakening

I have gone around trumpeting for long enough that I am gonna get a new PC now. Damn! One day I shall do something which will make people react as if struck by a lightning. Last few weeks were terrible. My old precious PC so doggedly brought itself down part-by-part that it was palpable the poor thing was finally fed up of my tantrums. So I made a sad face and decided to replace it(grinning wide inwardly). And for everyone who has expressed utter dismay about me getting a desktop instead of a ‘lappie’, for the millionth time “Desktops rock!Period“.

Me and Krishna (it was kinda surprising to see he himself offering to accompany me. PC buying can be a real pain, esp if you are not the one buying it!) reached SP road around 11.SP road as usual was delightfully vibrant,colorful and….CHAOTIC :D.A computer lover’s haven. We first headed to Ankit computers and next to hitherto unknown World Computech(‘Best prices’ written below) where Krish said he regularly visits. This guy had zilch knowledge on processors and motherboards but by then I had already finalised what to buy based on the input from guy at Ankit computers ;) And ‘World Computech’ prices were best indeed! So decided to buy it here :)

Sure the prices were OK but there’s no wholesome feel of buying something at SP road if you miss one aspect- haggling. First for each of the parts and then on the overall price :D (I believe I am better at bargaining than most people, a trait I acquired from dad ;)). Finally both parties reached mutual agreement .Krishna said he has to go somewhere else. His search for pirated DVDs nearby had gone in vain :). My PC was brought to life in a service center in some dingy,shady-looking alley filled with suspicious faces. By this time, Vini (my roomie) had arrived in SP road looking for his laptop fan (The fan which rotates :D . And who says lappies need no maintenance :P). Finally I couldn’t help laughing at myself for haggling for tens with autowallahs after just blowing up thousands :D.

Once I got home and assembled my PC and tried to switch it on,it didn’t. Of course it wouldn’t. It was my system after all ; if things went so smoothly with me, that would be ironic in an eerie way. A quick check revealed the SMPS has gone bust.Only a teenie-weenie bit of frustration :). Poor Vini had to drive me all the way and back. Took the whole cabinet along,just in case, and got the thing replaced. The day finally ended with my PC gloriously switching on and we watched an episode of Naruto on the big screen! :D

It does not get over so soon, right? I had to copy the contents of old hard disk to the new one. After discussing various alternatives, we figured the easiest method would be to switch on the old CPU (with no monitor,no keyboard,no mouse…only the CPU :D) and connect it to the LAN and then access the old HDD from there. The copying went quite smoothly with only two power cuts in between :P. Zangetsu has fully awakened now in all its glory, except…..except the voice is echoing :P. Gottu replace the speakers too,I guess. For now, I am all happy :) :)

And just for the record, Zangetsu :

  • Samsung 22″ TFT LCD
  • 320 GB SATA2 HDD
  • 2GB RAM
  • AMD Dual core 7750+2.7Ghz
  • Asus M3A78-EM with 256MB nVidia Chipset
  • Creative Inspire 2.1 Speakers
  • A brand new UPS too!