Zangetsu – The Awakening

I have gone around trumpeting for long enough that I am gonna get a new PC now. Damn! One day I shall do something which will make people react as if struck by a lightning. Last few weeks were terrible. My old precious PC so doggedly brought itself down part-by-part that it was palpable the poor thing was finally fed up of my tantrums. So I made a sad face and decided to replace it(grinning wide inwardly). And for everyone who has expressed utter dismay about me getting a desktop instead of a ‘lappie’, for the millionth time “Desktops rock!Period“.

Me and Krishna (it was kinda surprising to see he himself offering to accompany me. PC buying can be a real pain, esp if you are not the one buying it!) reached SP road around 11.SP road as usual was delightfully vibrant,colorful and….CHAOTIC :D.A computer lover’s haven. We first headed to Ankit computers and next to hitherto unknown World Computech(‘Best prices’ written below) where Krish said he regularly visits. This guy had zilch knowledge on processors and motherboards but by then I had already finalised what to buy based on the input from guy at Ankit computers ;) And ‘World Computech’ prices were best indeed! So decided to buy it here :)

Sure the prices were OK but there’s no wholesome feel of buying something at SP road if you miss one aspect- haggling. First for each of the parts and then on the overall price :D (I believe I am better at bargaining than most people, a trait I acquired from dad ;)). Finally both parties reached mutual agreement .Krishna said he has to go somewhere else. His search for pirated DVDs nearby had gone in vain :). My PC was brought to life in a service center in some dingy,shady-looking alley filled with suspicious faces. By this time, Vini (my roomie) had arrived in SP road looking for his laptop fan (The fan which rotates :D . And who says lappies need no maintenance :P). Finally I couldn’t help laughing at myself for haggling for tens with autowallahs after just blowing up thousands :D.

Once I got home and assembled my PC and tried to switch it on,it didn’t. Of course it wouldn’t. It was my system after all ; if things went so smoothly with me, that would be ironic in an eerie way. A quick check revealed the SMPS has gone bust.Only a teenie-weenie bit of frustration :). Poor Vini had to drive me all the way and back. Took the whole cabinet along,just in case, and got the thing replaced. The day finally ended with my PC gloriously switching on and we watched an episode of Naruto on the big screen! :D

It does not get over so soon, right? I had to copy the contents of old hard disk to the new one. After discussing various alternatives, we figured the easiest method would be to switch on the old CPU (with no monitor,no keyboard,no mouse…only the CPU :D) and connect it to the LAN and then access the old HDD from there. The copying went quite smoothly with only two power cuts in between :P. Zangetsu has fully awakened now in all its glory, except…..except the voice is echoing :P. Gottu replace the speakers too,I guess. For now, I am all happy :) :)

And just for the record, Zangetsu :

  • Samsung 22″ TFT LCD
  • 320 GB SATA2 HDD
  • 2GB RAM
  • AMD Dual core 7750+2.7Ghz
  • Asus M3A78-EM with 256MB nVidia Chipset
  • Creative Inspire 2.1 Speakers
  • A brand new UPS too!

3 thoughts on “Zangetsu – The Awakening

  1. Zangetsu… huh… well Mr. Ichigo Kurosaki, its a real funky name. wsat els can i say but wish ur weapon stay mighty powerful for a long time :D

  2. Got to read ur blog :-)
    Nice writing. I second ur opinion about desktops when I see the ‘Notebooks’ getting heated up so soon! :-P


  3. @Sasi,
    Got Ichigo’s name from wiki,correct? :D Thanks for ur wishes :)

    Oh what a surprise to see you here! Thanks :)

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