Things I want to do

I have been content off late.And happy. Given my enthusiasm for a variety of things, there are few chances of this contentment phase slipping into the indifference phase and then the rut phase (get it?), but I dont want to take chances. And I am serious about improvising myself. So I am penning this list here. Ah, I am being careful to mention these are things I ‘want’ to do, not things I ‘will’ do. Thats because some of these are realistic short term goals, long term goals and some mere wishes as of now. Positively, many of them should convert into my new year resolutions.

I want to:

  • Go on a long trip. No planning, no time frame, no destination in mind. I have a serious urge to do this alone. Something major has to happen to trigger this
  • Be less rude to close friends.
  • Get out of my comfort zone as often as possible. I take time to get out of my comfort zone.I’ve done better off late, but I want to really push it now.
  • Speak to more people, even strangers. I want to think there are wonderful people around us and life can be more colorful :)
  • Make my CS degree speak. Brush up on my rusty programming skills.
  • Achieve 20 burpees. The prison workout!
  • Improve my stock market gyaan and prediction skills. Make it a major source of income ;)
  • Blog more. I am not sure what kind of reactions this will evoke, but I want to use it like a diary more often,writing to myself
  • Inculcate discipline.  I know this does not do justice to the title of the blog, but lets not worry too soon
  • Learn whistling! How many more magic moments and great sequences will I let pass away while i just sit there while watching movies? I need to take a day and get this done with

    This should be fine for now. Suggestions from friends and well-wishers are welcome :)

    For those who are looking, the I-am-not-going-to list :

    • I-am-not-going-to stop watching anime
    • I-am-not-going-to stop visiting
    • I-am-not-going-to be polite with my friends
    • I am not going to keep my room spotless clean.. you will figure out the rest

    Its my blog’s birthday on Oct 24th! Precious words from the kid himself : I have to say I am quite happy how Mr.Chaotic has shaped me. I think I am growing up to be a cool,cool person. I have to admit though, that I am still a struggling blog .We need to work on this,dad. Advanced Thanks for all your wishes. Gifts wil be appreciated even more. Keep visiting :)

    There, you heard the guy. Happy Birthday Blog. And many happy returns :) :)


    Small is BIG!

    Who doesn’t love Maggi? For most of us, Maggi is the favorite hungry-at-midnight snack, the rainy-evenings snack, too-hungry-to-cook snack, just-wanna-have-something-spicy snack and so on. I am yet to come across a person who says “I hate Maggi”. And when I do, I would think twice before continuing the conversation :D. Anyways, the point I am trying to make is, few things around us seem like they are too simple and small to be bestowed with such popularity,yet definitely NOT overrated.

    This is how I came to make this pointless list while trying to kill time during the 12-hour bus journey last week. (There was a return journey too. Expect more posts :P)

    Andaz Apna Apna: This movie is now a cult classic. You just can’t watch the movie enough times. And all your friends will agree. But I am sure no one associated with the movie would have thought the movie would garner such a huge fan following in years to come; more so when the movie was actually a flop when it was released(I know,such blasphemy!).

    Horoscopes : Most(I cant get myself to say all) horoscopes are fake. Today’s prediction for Leo maybe an exact copy-paste of yesterday’s Taurus’. Everyone knows it.But it makes for great fun during coffee breaks or just comparing yours with your best friend’s :). And on few hilarious days, you get lines like this : You will find the love of your life today. (And so)Your day will be filled with mental anxiety and tension

    Cats: At a broad level, a Cat is just a domestic animal. Comes relatively low in the food cycle. Kids know it only because it helps them remember the letter ‘C’. It does nothing, just whiles away most of its life sleeping,looks bored when awake and ignores you completely;let alone try to impress you, like your dog. But you can’t deny cats are amazing creatures. The feline charm is indisputable.Its just the lineage you see.

    Old DD presentations: Being born and brought up in a media-starved generation does this to you. You see the Ek-Anek Video and go into huge fits of nostalgia and tell all your friends about how wonderful it feels. You download/copy episodes of Byomkesh Bakshi or The Flop Show (remember Jaspal Bhatti?) and watch them religiously even though a 5-yr-old kid will tell you there are too many loopholes or way too many PJs. Nostalgia sure is a wonderful feeling :) (I was careful not to mention Mahabharat,Ramayan or Mile sur mera… here. They were meant to be huge)

    Good morning : Things are getting a bit mushy,but I’ll plough on. Such a simple phrase and from an age-old culture. Maybe as just a token expression to trigger a conversation or a well meant wish for someone close, the surprising fact is that even after centuries of usage, it does not sound cliched and hasn’t got replaced with some modern form of expression. Hello got abridged to Hi,hey etc, wassup came into being but Good morning remains :)

    The TV Remote :The TV was a path-breaking invention. Agreed. But the remote? May be when it was first introduced, most people would have frowned “at it as being useless and redundant. But now, the remote is as big, if not bigger than the TV itself. The remote controls you, not the other way round. Entire families go into fights over the remote control . The poor TV just sits in one corner waiting for its deserved attention while the little rectangular thing gets all the attention, thanks our larger-than-life egos. And to think that while the TV has taken vast strides in innovation since its invention, the remote remains the same. Ah, the wonders of modern technology!

    Coffee: I am not a coffee person; and I know being a software professional , I’m an exception to the rule. I seriously don’t understand why people go ga-ga over coffee. I mean, why the hell would anyone want to have a hot beverage on a hot summer day,that too at 11 AM? Beats me. I can’t imagine a scene where the guy who invented coffee, had a first sip of it, and went “EUREKA! This thing is gonna be huge!” But easy to imagine for, say, an ice-cream or a pastry!

    I hope this list did make some sense. Now try coming up with more such things and post here ;)

    Turns out I have not been keeping check of my spending off late. To compensate, I have decided I will be a total kanjoos for some time. The agenda is no treats for myself or friends, absolutely no shopping, no birthday gifts, bargaining wherever possible and more. In short, I am going to be a total ass when it comes to money. Till November end that is. (3 days during Diwali are exempted though ;)) To make it formal, lets have a tag for this.