One day at Office…

 I had no- I didn’t have much work at office today. So I sat down to write limericks. I have to say office atmosphere is not very conducive for this kind of writing, but I got a few going and thought of the rest on the bus back home. Presenting to you, my first attempt at poetry. Torture yourself :D

There was once a girl called Rachel
Everyday she updated her facebook status without fail
One day it said “I just brushed my teeth”

The next “My boyfriend Peter is a big cheat”
Peter saw this and got his face frowned
Next day his status said “Me and Rachel went to the river and she tragically drowned”

There was once a boy called Pavan
He was leading a good life; simple, peaceful and loven’
His mom dad started bugging him “Get married, son get married”
And poor Pavan kept running away,looking frightened and harried
Found a safe spot and made a secret wish to Santa,

Ab kya bataon, Aage ki lines(sigh)……. main nahi jaanta ;)
There were test matches and players wore whites
Now there is IPL and all you see is slaps and fist fights
There were batsmen who made stadiums illuminate
Now there are disguised Bajrang Dal activists with a rod making me hallucinate :P

Once there was a guy called blogger,
None of what he wrote induced an iota of laughter,
Entire life all he did was slog,slog,slog
His last words were “Please check my BLOG” :D
Today I saw a hot maal at the mall,
Made my heart come out and fall,
Agreed she was no Ash Rai,
But I surely didnt wanna become her Rakhi Bhai,
Suddenly a fragrance threw me off her trail, I wonder
Mangoes have arrived, yay , who cares if the chick’s legs are slender or thighs thunder ;-)

There were two friends, so-so and Bheegi Billi,
What they actually wanted they didn’t know,really
So they always ended up fighting each other silly
The hero in Avatar was called Mr.Jake Sully :)