My awesome Facebook Newsfeed

This has been done before by people, but its fun ; so presenting, with my awful Photoshop skills ( so awful  every time I start with Photoshop and end up with MS Paint :D), a tribute to some of our most favorite things on TV/fiction, facebook style :

I’ll see if I can add more such stuff. Any more tributes to be paid? ;)


20 thoughts on “My awesome Facebook Newsfeed

  1. As I said, concentrate ur blogger skills on some soap serial Bro. Kannada, Telugu and Tamil soaps for a change. Hindi is already infamous :P

  2. You had a chance until you made a mockery out of Lord Voldemort.

    So, I’ve decided to offer you ludicrous and ever so derisive criticisms.

    What’s this MS Word? :))

    Desperate Housewives??

    Ross Galler?

    Jayatu? :D

    Ramayana treta yugaddu anta gothu.
    Adakke anta blur effect ella kododhu ond chooru sari illa. ;)

    Tom Riddle changed his entire name.
    Not just his first. :P

  3. @Rash,
    Ya Ya I know :P
    Olle idea kano. But totally out of touch with TV soaps. As I said, I need to watch TV now to get blog ideas :D
    Nangotto loafer neenu full urkotiya anta neenu…adu aa photo nodbittu . Solpa broad-mindedness torsu. Applies to those cosmetic comments too :D

    1. And Naruto too :(. Its like umm…1..2…3…4 (or somewhere near to tat) of my friends watch anime. I repel all the others when I speak abt Naruto or Bleach :D

  4. why does snape like desperate housewives ?? :P
    and Ramayan thing is boring :D
    where’s monica “galler” :D and “ya ryt” doesnt suit dumbledore !

    Overall a 5 out of 10 rating compared to your previous posts :P

  5. wacky… and very funny ;)

    Actually I am planning a similar article making fun of normal people, but you have taken it one step higher ;)

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