I have been Tagged!!!

(Tagging : The original blog author writes a post then tags fellow bloggers who will then write a blog post on the same topic and then tag more people, thus continuing the chain)

Rashmi has tagged me with the topic “7 things about myself“.Since its our Gurumata’s order, I had no choice but to write “7 things about myself” :D. Presenting :

1) I get scared watching horror movies.They are fun and entertaining,but when the lights turn off & it gets dark, thats when the shadows turn sinister.For the next couple of days, I maintain a heightened sense of awareness by checking behind the door before entering the restroom at night,checking over my shoulder etc.

2) This started very recently – sometimes when I see a particularly moving sequence in a movie,I start “cutting onions”. While that’s OK,off late I have this slight urge to break into a full-fledged cry and get it done with. Guess I am getting older. In the future,when I go to watch Toy story 6 and Andy says “…Woody’ll never give up on you…He’ll always there for you, no matter what.”, I hope I don’t end up bawling in the theater and scare the kids sitting next to me.

3) Mom & dad feel I have sorta lost my way after I moved to Bangalore. They say I was a sweetheart and a gem of a boy before and haven’t changed for good as years passed by. I think they are just sad :). Though I miss living with my parents, I haven’t regretted moving here one day.

4) I will never want to be out of India for any extended period of time (say,more than 1 year).I can confidently say now that this opinion will never change.After all,home is where the heart is :).

5) I love my fridge! In fact, its the first big thing I bought from my own earning. There’s something really satisfying & soothing about having a big box full of food items,stored in a cool place; makes you feel you are leading the good life.Some innocent happiness which no other gadget will give.Watever :D

6) I am wittier when I write than when I speak. I do crack the occasional joke,but spontaneity and quick comebacks are not my greatest strengths.

7) I am a sucker for anime. So much that if I find a gal who is an anime fan,its like 90% done from my side (I can safely say this because I know its a wild goose chase) ;).

Okay,done . I am tagging  Vini, Divya, Kavya, Krish. Anyone else who wants to be tagged , please feel free to ping me. Who knows this might be your big chance! Who knows, this may go on to become something HUGE and imprint your name in the annals of history. Who knows! ;) :D :P

15 thoughts on “I have been Tagged!!!

  1. You.. You actually tagged me?!
    What was the point of asking me then???? x(

    No offense to “Gurumaata”, but this seems like a pyramid scheme sans the sadistic fun of torturing another hapless soul. Not that I am not hapless AND not that I am not being tortured here. Just saying.. :))

    I.. I don’t even know 7 people. x(
    Can I tag the same people that have already been tagged [In which case, I retract my statement about “pyramid scheme” and everybody wins. ;)]

    Aside: How come you can only tag 4 and call it a day. Where are the other three?
    Gurumaata, please look into these atrocities. :D

    1. Oye Vini , first write the blog and then tag Pavan 7 times :D Your problem is solved :D let him write 7*7 more things about himself :D

      And Pavan , what “dark” secrets have you revealed? :P And will Div and Krish write in group blog? Have you atleast informed them?

      1. @Vini,
        The moment you said no,I won’t write, my decision was made ;) I guess you can just write your life story. That should take only 7 points :D :D
        I know only 4 ppl :P. May be I should’ve tagged Batman & Spiderman,the two other people I know .

        I guess I got more remote and specific points than “I love traveling” & “I read a lot!” :P.
        Yeah, I group blog will have “7 things about myself” multiple entries, if they participate that is :D

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  3. Hi Pavan,
    Interesting post.
    1) Same here. I got scared in some movies that weren’t even meant to be horror movies. I once got so scared watching house of wax that I retreated to another room to read a book. My friends (who love to watch horror movies) think I’m nuts.
    2) I cry in almost any movie in which it makes sense to cry. Ditto for books.
    6) Totally agree – I only think of something clever and biting an hour after the conversation is over.
    7) What kind of anime do you watch?

    1. Hey Sakhi,
      Thanks for concurring with on 1) & 2) but that’s no way comforting. I’m a guy and generations older to you :D
      I watch all kinds of anime series n movies – the action comedy,dark,sci-fi,drama – except the sappy teen romance ones. Naruto, Bleach & Death Note are favs :)

        1. Damn, I just want to prove my stupid friends how cool Akira is :P. You should watch it. Its a benchmark classic for anime movies.

          Seems like there are lot of great animes out there. I need to be careful not to get too addicted :D

  4. I guess u forgot to add more about ur fridge :P It is a palace for ur cockroaches too rite? And a lot of space for expired food stuff rite?
    Coutesy : One of ur old blog for bachelors :P

    Yeah, some of ur blogs r really entertaining :)

    1. Hey Chetu,
      U remember stuff from my previous posts? Cool :D.
      BTW why don’t u come visit us sometime? We’ll serve you “delicious” food from the “fridge” :D

  5. Finally I found time to comment on your blog..though i read it long time back :D I never noticed you crying or getting scared over movies..or guess we havent watched lot of movies together :(

    Wat dark secrets were you expecting Rash? We know Pavan already :D
    And even all the discussions about anime doesnt inspire me to watch akira..i watched the gal u leapt through time..confusing :P

    Good blog :) Whats next?

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