Return of the blogger!

I apologize upfront for this post. Sorry, really. I just wanted to get back to writing. I’ll write something good next up :D.

From order to chaos…
Last 2 years have been really smooth for me. Real cozy and smooth. No speed breakers. No potholes. No nothing. Or maybe I was going so slow a speedbreaker didn’t feel like one when I encountered it. So I thought have had enough of this now. Its time to introduce some chaos. No, a lot of chaos. Muhahahahaha. And I have already taken steps towards it. Of course this was not without having endless brainstorming discussions and one-on-one gyan sessions from my myriad wellwishers.( If I am taking a decision, EVERYONE has to know before I take it). And I know some of the people involved are reading this and smiling. Yeah yeah, you smile now. But be ready to get ass-kicked if things don’t pan out as planned. But what’s the fun if things go as planned? There you go. Typical confused myself.

...And back to order
What else? Ever since I dropped my mobile while on my bike for the second time within 6 months ( and got it back by some awesome luck. I feel I expend all my luck for such stupid things and run out of it when it comes to the bigger things :)), I decided that I should get my act together and be more organized. Oh crap, I just realized the first para was about intoducing more chaos and second is about introducing more order to my life. Ah,whatever. So I am putting sticky notes on my PC, near the mirror etc. Below is a sample:

I have been watching random episodes of FRIENDS. And I am falling in love with the series all over again. The best quality about FRIENDS is that you can relate to the characters so much. I can assign each of the characters to my real-life friends and laugh heartily when each one acts like the other. (I am Ross :D ) You don’t get to see this other “popular” TV shows.

Movie every week!!!
The movie marathon has already began. I gather most of my friends are not even aware of what I am speaking ( I have no idea why, people have just stopped watching movies :P) but for me and Krish, the season has just begun. We are gonna watch the shit out of these movies,all the way upto August :D. Below is a list. I hope it motivates our other friends to shake off their lethargy a bit and make a move to the theatre:

22nd April – Rango
30th April – Thor
8th may – Source Code
15th may – No movie
20th May – Pirates of the Caribbean – 4
27th May – Kung Fu Panda 2
June 3 – X-Men : First Class
June 10 – Super 8
June 17th – Green Lantern
June 24th – Cars 2, Zindagi milegi na dobara
July 1st – Transformers 3
July 8th – No movie
July 15th – Harry Potter 7 – Part 2
Jul 22nd – Captain America
July 29th – Cowboys & Aliens


18 responses to “Return of the blogger!

  1. Hey i m having a movie marathon sort of thing goin on too :) … Watched Limitless last weekend and also plan to watch all the movie u ve mentioned in the list… And Welcome back to Blogging :)

  2. U should watch HIMYM once in a while along with FRIENDS… ;) Lets hit the theater and break all our previous movie marathon records :D …. and hopefully u ill be here till july end ;)

  3. point a: y is it so short….
    point b…y is it so abrupt…
    point c…y does it keep shuffling between myriad not so relative topics :p ( i mean y r u following my style of speaking :p:x )
    and lastly…. we r not EVERYONE :P:P….. we all are HUGE in ur life!:D..not everyone :p:D

    • Its a lowly post. That’s why I apologized at the beginning itself :D. Too many things happening, but mostly things I’m not proud of. But I wanted to document this phase anyway :)

  4. When did you fall from your bike??? :O I was watching the frist episode of FRIENDS yesterday just like that after a long time :) FRIENDS is the best :)

  5. Good movie collection :) So many things running in ur life n mind hah? Wanted to record that phase of life here… Matter of time before u forget the rest, record them also here :D

    • Yes Sady, last few days have been hectic mentally :( In my enthusiasm to add some chaos, I have gone a little overboard. I’ll write it down once things get back to normal :D

  6. First things first … U r Ross ??? Come on Dude.. U havent even had a GF, how can u be divorced twice even before u know !!!!Or may be u r into Dinos ..LOL

    And why no movies on 15th may – No movie and July 8th

    And June 3 – X-Men : First Class … Are u SURE ???? All the best Bro. Hopefully it isnt 3D :D

    • Lei, I am the Indian version of Ross :P :P

      There are no movies releasing on those dates asthe :D

      X-Men is not in 3D, but many movies in that list are :P

  7. hehe i missed this post..but its so short and expected one that i dont regret it ;) anyways watch dexter also.. its much talked about nowadays :D

    i dont like ppl who put stickies on their comp n cupboard.. dunno why :P

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