I have been Tagged!!!

(Tagging : The original blog author writes a post then tags fellow bloggers who will then write a blog post on the same topic and then tag more people, thus continuing the chain)

Rashmi has tagged me with the topic “7 things about myself“.Since its our Gurumata’s order, I had no choice but to write “7 things about myself” :D. Presenting :

1) I get scared watching horror movies.They are fun and entertaining,but when the lights turn off & it gets dark, thats when the shadows turn sinister.For the next couple of days, I maintain a heightened sense of awareness by checking behind the door before entering the restroom at night,checking over my shoulder etc.

2) This started very recently – sometimes when I see a particularly moving sequence in a movie,I start “cutting onions”. While that’s OK,off late I have this slight urge to break into a full-fledged cry and get it done with. Guess I am getting older. In the future,when I go to watch Toy story 6 and Andy says “…Woody’ll never give up on you…He’ll always there for you, no matter what.”, I hope I don’t end up bawling in the theater and scare the kids sitting next to me.

3) Mom & dad feel I have sorta lost my way after I moved to Bangalore. They say I was a sweetheart and a gem of a boy before and haven’t changed for good as years passed by. I think they are just sad :). Though I miss living with my parents, I haven’t regretted moving here one day.

4) I will never want to be out of India for any extended period of time (say,more than 1 year).I can confidently say now that this opinion will never change.After all,home is where the heart is :).

5) I love my fridge! In fact, its the first big thing I bought from my own earning. There’s something really satisfying & soothing about having a big box full of food items,stored in a cool place; makes you feel you are leading the good life.Some innocent happiness which no other gadget will give.Watever :D

6) I am wittier when I write than when I speak. I do crack the occasional joke,but spontaneity and quick comebacks are not my greatest strengths.

7) I am a sucker for anime. So much that if I find a gal who is an anime fan,its like 90% done from my side (I can safely say this because I know its a wild goose chase) ;).

Okay,done . I am tagging  Vini, Divya, Kavya, Krish. Anyone else who wants to be tagged , please feel free to ping me. Who knows this might be your big chance! Who knows, this may go on to become something HUGE and imprint your name in the annals of history. Who knows! ;) :D :P


Mish-Mash Post

The title says it all. Years later, I would like my blog to remind me nostalgically(???) of my life from time to time. So once in a while,such posts will happen (Not because I couldn’t think of anything else to write,okay?). Those who already know what’s gonna come can directly go to the comments section ;)

Lets start with rants. My most popular rant since last week: My bike has got delayed by atleast 6 weeks :(. I’ve told everyone I know that I am getting a bike. 2 weeks later there is no bike to show!!! Those idiots informed me of the delay after the payment X(. But how typical of me! This time I didn’t wanna hear people say “Always hype and no action” (I knew it !!!) but this is going the same way.Sigh! Speaking of people reminds me of another rant of mine these days. Suddenly everyone has gotten busy. I have to mention The HP fiasco here so that its not forgotten :P. No groups to hang out with,to go to the movies regularly or most importantly,for the trips. What irritates me is that I feel I am the only one who is free,who is available all the time. I have given this a thought and have come with a plan of action. More of this in days to come. If Mom hears me cribbing though, she already has a different action plan ready. I don’t need to elaborate.

Dieting : People(Friends at office,particularly) have got bugged hearing this from me day in day out. I checked my weight today. 81.1 kg (with clothes on,mind you). FYI,I’ve reduced. I have to get to 78, and pretty soon at that. As Naruto would say,”Yosha!” Oh, I’ve started watching another anime, Getbackers (I can hear the exasperated sighs). Its only 49 episodes; will be finished quickly ;)

Cooking at home is going on well. I had made Bisi Bele Bhath last last week,which turned out yummy and pongal last week, which was not so yummy. I’ll try something exotic next. Any suggestions? :D

Coming to movies, the good ones recently: Socha Na Tha (Abhay Deol’s debut and Imtiaz Ali’s directorial debut), The Reader,12 monkeys. I thought The Hangover was overhyped. And saw Magadheera at this popular single screen theatre where one man stands at the ticket counter and shooes people away with a stick (“block alli sigatte hogappa“) and the theatre manager stands authoritatively and directs people to black tickets. And yeah, Kaminey is here and the reviews are very very positive.

Reading The Three Musketeers and The Kite Runner. Totally contrasting reads when it comes to writing style and narration.

Was listening to ‘Teredide mane O baa atithi’ yesterday. The fact that I can appreciate how really beautiful this song is made me feel lucky,proud and happy to be born as an Indian. And this is just one example of the beautiful things around you. Happy Independence day :)

I can’t think of much else. And, here : C&H greatest .This should make up for wasting your time on this useless post.

Finally,thanks to everyone who made my Birthday special last week. Arigato :)