My Bollywood Top 10!

I must say this post was due for a long time! I admit the products that are churned out from Bollywood can’t be call intellectual stuff exactly and many would say there are better ways of killing time. All said and done, I’m still a Bollywood fan and hope that the song-dance sequences,the cheesiness and all other things that are so part of our movies remain so, for years and years to come. All we ask is an iota of logic….

Well then,to the topic, I would not so much say all my favourite movies are gems,but I guess we can safely say they are among the few very entertaining & watchable ones. Now lets start, DrumRoll Please…..
(this post may get a lil lengthy. Feel free to skip the boring parts.I’m afraid there are none)

10.Guide : This movie is the only one in this list earlier than the 90’s. I have seen this movie only once years ago, and the images are still stuck in my mind. The inspirational theme of the movie, ‘evergreen’ Dev Anand’s earnest performance and super melodious songs are the highlights. Gottu watch it again.

9.Andaaz Apna Apna : Arguably,the best comedy of our times. The humour was pedestrian. Utterly slapstick. The brilliance of it was that it was all intentional. So brilliant the audience then could not appreciate it and the movie actually flopped ;). Has anyone met any person who doesn’t like this movie? :D

“Mein hoon Crime Master Gogo, aankhen nikaal ke gotiya kheloonga!”
“Suno, suno duniya ke logon! Sabse bada hai Mr. Gogo!” ……………………. LOLz

8.Dil Chahta Hai : I guess lot of people would be irate DCH is so low on the list . If Farhan Akhtar would have made this movie even in 2050, he would

Aamir Khan as Akash and Preity Zinta as ShaliniImage via Wikipedia

not have had to change even a single sequence. That’s because of the ageless theme of the movie and the way its been handled. Kudos to Farhan Akhtar(his debut) for all those subtle emotional sequences sprinkled throughout the movie. Brilliant and path-breaking!

7.Lagaan : Any guesses on the biggest highlight of the movie??? Its the pre-release promotion, in which the ‘Genius’ Khan (debuting as producer) didn’t let the masses have an iota of hint what this movie was all about. And when the movie released, people came to know the movie had a full length cricket match in it! And what helluva entertainment it was! Bhuvan all the way! :D

6.Pardes: I’ll admit this movie is in this list because of my SRK bias. But I assure you,this movie has one of Shah Rukh Khan’s finest performances (Seriously, no hamming, no making monkey faces :D). It has some great Bollywood-sque dramatic sequences and of course you’ll remember the mind-blowing music score. Watch this movie and you’ll know Mr.Ghai is(was?) called the Showman of Bollywood. Suggestion :Just ignore the America bashing (or enjoy it ;))

The Top 5 now!

5.Taare Zameen Par : Aamir Khan the director, debuts and how! Awesome,awesome movie. Sensitive and intelligent filmmaking as never seen in Bollywood before.This movie has more ‘goosebumps’ sequences (you know?) than any movie I’ve seen in a very long time. And to top that with commercial success! Now that’s genius. I have seen this movie only once, so as of now its at number 5.
(Ponder: I guess Aamir knew this movie is gonna rock. Maybe thats why he didn’t spend much on the pre-release promotion,unlike himself. People weren’t very interested before it released)

4.Ghulam : Its kinda sad people only remember Ghulam for ‘Aati Kya Khandala’. The most inspirational hindi movie ever, IMHO. The movie had a great story and screenplay and a mind-blowing performance from Aamir Khan. Never got bored watching this movie! Totally recommended!

3.Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa: SRK has been awarded Filmfare Critics’ Choice Best Actor Award only twice until now. The first one was for this gem of a movie (and next Mohabbatein). Another very under-rated movie. Shah Rukh’s realistic, adorable portrayal of the lead character Sunil with all his vulnerability,innocence and even grey shades instantly makes you identify with the character and vouch for him . King Khan through and through! If you watched this movie when you were a kid and have forgotten it, I recommend you watch this one again :)

2.Kal Ho Na Ho: Another path-breaking movie , for all the gay jokes and making KantaBen a household name :D . Sheer entertainment value, SRK-Saif-Preity Chemistry,the title song,the then-innovative camerawork, dollops of emotions etc etc. make this movie such a delightful watch!

Now to The Numero Uno, the Baap Of All Entertainers, my all-time fav :)
1. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge(DDLJ):

Raj agar yeh ladki tujhse pyaar karti hain to yeh tujhe palat ke dekhegi
(Raj whispers… And so do the entire audience in the movie hall) ‘Palat! Palat!
And then Simran palats with a smile….

This sequnce is just one of the several magical moments that make this movie. Cinematic Magic at its amazing best! Enough can’t be said about this movie. Or too much has already been said. SRK-Kajol’s crackling chemistry, the great-Indian-wedding sequences which were a craze then, the snowy Swiss Alps in the first half to the lush green Punjab in the second half, the NRI factor, the songs etc etc.. Apparently nothing went wrong for this movie when it comes to entertainment value. I shall refrain from saying its a once-in-a-lifetime movie ;)


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