My awesome Facebook Newsfeed

This has been done before by people, but its fun ; so presenting, with my awful Photoshop skills ( so awful  every time I start with Photoshop and end up with MS Paint :D), a tribute to some of our most favorite things on TV/fiction, facebook style :

I’ll see if I can add more such stuff. Any more tributes to be paid? ;)


Back to the movies!!!

Saw Angels & Demons last Sunday. A movie at the theaters after a long hiatus ( >3 months). The movie in itself, turned out to be pretty average. Langdon and Ms.Vetra keep running frantically all around Rome while discussing intelligently about Bernini’s art and the other clues. That’s it for most of the movie. Going on common sense, such movies are supposed to have more action sequences or something visually appealing than the books they are adapted from. Surprisingly, the makers of this movie thought otherwise. A suspense thriller sans the action. Two positive points : One,AnD is way better than DaViC, but that isnt saying much,right? Two, Beautiful Rome and its architecture :) Anyways, I hope Tom Hanks will now go back to playing those delightful characters like we’ve seen him doing all these years.

But the big news is….its a treat for the movie buffs in the coming months! Lots of biggies lined up for India Release. Terminator Salvation, X-MEN Origins: Wolverine (actually both movies aren’t exactly setting the US box office on fire), Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs & Star Trek. I have almost zilch knowledge about the Star Trek series but the movie has got such great response (all time #88 in IMDB as of today & 95% on the tomatometer) I have to watch it after all. There’s also Up (Looks like The dudes at Pixar have got an Oscar Winner yet again ) and Tranformers 2 . Then,there’s the biggest of them all : Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince . The movie has taken long in the making and it better be darn good. Phew, still quite a few movies left; but I’ll stop this here :P

Things don’t seem quite rosy on the Bollywood front what with the strike n all. Serves them both right: Producers, for giving us crappy movies most of the time and the multiplex owners for their exhorbitant prices :P. One movie which seems interesting is Vishal Bharadwaj’s Kaminey (the title sounds cool too :D)

Enjoy the pop-corn guys ;)

“Once Again I must ask too much of you,Harry…”

P.S: Morning show balcony ticket at Rex is just 60 bucks! Even on weekends!!!