Reality vs Movies – An Engineer’s perspective

Calvin once wisely said “My life would be more interesting with a musical score and a laugh track“. Wouldn’t it be awesome if real life were like movies? Right from the vibrant colors on the screen to the air brushing of old people to make them young(you know who), the background music to the drama. As if hitting someone isn’t fun enough already, in the movies it is accompanied with “tubush,bishum” sound effects. I would randomly hit people for no reason if such awesomeness were possible in real life. Now lets take a sample demographic.
Here is a comparison of an average day of an average young male Software Engineer in real life and in movies. Since a male Software Engineer is the most stereotypical character you will ever find, I think he is the perfect sample for such an analysis.

Morning breakfast : Real life guy opens the fridge sleepily while scratching parts of his body and wondering if he can cook something nice and quick. Nope, nothing in the fridge which is not smelling like a (warning : subtle racism ahead) Chinese Food court. He settles down for milk and bland corn flakes again, cursing his life.
The movie guy does not do all this. If there is a breakfast sequence in the movie, it will be as follows:
If he is a South Indian, he presents himself primly dressed at the breakfast table with a “Good morning Amma” and his mother serves him idli along with chutney and hot sambar. Its always idli in South Indian movies. Dosa, vada etc are too tedious to prepare.
If he is a North Indian, then good ol’ aloo ke parathe or mooli ke parathe. No question of compromise there.

On the way to office: There is one coincidence in real life and movies. The bus is always crowded. Guess we just cannot escape this reality. But the coincidence ends here. Suddenly the bus screeches to a halt and the movie guy falls right on to a pretty young thing, who of course is the female lead of the movie (this will be revealed to you later when she breaks into a dream song with the hero half an hour later). For now,he gets chided by her for bruising her modesty. Now for our real guy. He will most definitely fall into the lap of a heavily mustachioed elderly man who will then enter into a abuse mode in chaste vernacular focusing on the younger generation being manner-less,insensitive nincompoops. He will not stop his tirade until he has got everyone’s attention in the bus, even if it means getting down at the next stop.

After getting down the bus: Say by some freakish sort of miracle, the real guy also chanced upon a girl in the bus. So what does he do after coming down the bus? He gushes about it all the way to office making up dream sequences in his mind, get shouted at my a motor cyclist while crossing the road for not paying attention and eventually reach office. And the movie guy? He is absolutely in no hurry. He gets down the bus in slow motion to the starting tune of a Rahman song, with slightly ruffled hair and grinning from ear-to-ear (I am leaning towards South Indian movies here, because its more fun), and immediately break into a impromptu dance sequence in the middle of the road. And do the people walking on the road look at him like he is retarded or the people in vehicles start yelling at him? No way! The pedestrians who are all dressed nattily for the occasion, join in the jig with the hero with amazing synchronization (except the lousy one in the last row.Lazy bugger) while cool,shiny cars park in the middle of the road waiting for the song and dance to end. Where is the traffic police, you ask? Of course he is among the background dancers, happily dancing away.

At work: Okay lets give our real guy something to cheer about. Our real guy reaches office and is at his desk checking mails,when the office hottie, who works in the same team, comes to his cube and starts chatting and giggling. Gotcha! We all know the office hottie being in the real guy’s team is an urban myth. IT NEVER HAPPENS.
On a serious note,his boss comes to him “Mr.Real guy, seems like there is a typo in the report you sent yesterday. Let me point it to you” and he points it out in the report on the computer screen. Real guy apologizes for the mistake and tells his boss that he will resend the updated report. Boss thanks him politely and leaves. That’s all(there are exceptions, of course). This is where the movie guy doesn’t have it easy. His boss barges into his cube, already livid with rage and carrying a printout of the entire report, a full 42 pages. He does not explain what the mistake is. Instead he just yells at the guy and throws all the papers on his face, which then proceed to fall down all around him in slow motion.Cue background sad violin music. Movie guy picks each one of the papers and reads through all of them as he has no goddamn idea where the mistake is.

Now for some reason, both the real guy and movie guy are frustrated and angry with their respective bosses(Movie guy has a valid reason now). Real guy calls up his buddy,and they go to the chai dabba below. If he is a smoker, he smokes up and both swear at their boss and if he is not, he orders a chai and both swear at their boss, they come up to their cubes and get back to work. But the movie guy has a masterplan. He sneaks to his boss’s cabin when he is not around, and looks into his boss’s PC monitor which displays a MS WORD document with the word “PASSWORD” in a huge red font and blinking letters. He furiously keys in lots of characters without using space bar even once (we don’t know what he types or does though. The camera is focused on the guy’s face, flushed with concentration and intensity), and finally, he is “logged” in. If you still don’t get it, EVERY computer engineer in a movie is also a hacker who can hack into anything which says “PASSWORD” in huge red blinking letters. Now he will proceed to upload some virus or open a presentation his boss is supposed to give and screw it up, a genius trick which his boss will totally fall for.

In the evening : After a stressful day at work, the real guy either goes to a mall with his buddies and have a good time ogling at girls or sits in a pizza place with his girlfriend listening to her evening Suprabhatam about her boss until the pizza gets cold. Meanwhile, the movie guy goes to a mall too and who does he meet there??? Bingo! The same girl who he ran into on the bus (Dammit, what are the odds?) But she is on the other end of the mall. Mission: Reach hot gal on the other end of the mall. One frame, he is running after her frantically to a dramatic background music. Next frame, she is walking in slow motion as leisurely as a girl who has ever visited a mall walks,oblivious of the world around her with a soft,soothing music playing in the background. Next frame – He is jumping and dodging and running. At this moment, something miraculous happens in the space-time continuum of the mall. All laws of physics have gone for a toss. The hero propels himself into the air as if there is no gravity, their relative velocities always remain the same no matter what their absolute velocities are and sometimes the electrons and protons in the air get disturbed enough by their chemistry that sparks start flying between them,literally. Einstein and Newton would be spinning in their graves, not just tossing. Our hero finally catches up with the heroine at the parking lot, panting while the girl is standing there, her make up and hair still spot on and intact. Right when he is about to open his mouth and say something, two events occur,again in slow motion. One,a huge,muscular hunk comes out of a car next to them staring at him with a I-will-crush-you expression on his face and two, the camera focuses on the engagement ring on the girl’s finger and instantly zooms to a shocked expression on the hero’s face.

CUT! CUT! CUT! Looks like I got a little carried away. After this point, the movie guy’s life becomes so dramatic and action-filled that it is unfair to even compare to our real guy’s life who is most probably cutting onions and tomatoes for dinner right now. If you really want to know if the hero and heroine get together at the end and live happily forever, get me an appointment with a bigshot movie producer. Picture abhi baaki hain mere dost!


Bollywood in 2012

There are a lot of lists going around about Hollywood movies to watch out for in 2012(and I’m super excited, courtesy The Dark Knight Rises,The Hobbit,Prometheus,The Amazing Spiderman,Avengers,The Hunger Games etc.but I will not get into that list here). So I thought of compiling a list of Bollywood movies to look forward to. I’m making this list with just my filmi intuition and some data and even I know enough not to trust my intuition too much when it comes to judging how good or crappy a Bollywood movie will turn out eventually, the probability of the latter always being high. So don’t blame me if you go watch a movie I recommended here and it turned out to be the next Ra.One :D.

Here we go, in no particular order:

Agneepath: Now this one is HUGE from what we see in the trailer. It is as pure a masala entertainer as it can get.Hrithik is super-intense and Sanju baba seem to be in top form too. And going by the buzz, the movie is all set to shatter all-time opening records at the box office (Satellite rights have already been sold for a cool 41 Cr.). And it might as well set records for lifetime collections too.

Talaash: Aamir Khan. That is all. He is altogether at a different level now after Ghajini and 3 idiots (though I thought Ghajini was average, and 3 idiots was not earth-shattering as it is made out to be, still a very good movie). This movie is a suspense thriller, so I am not expecting it to be an all-time blockbuster. But you never know. AK is so astute while choosing scripts and marketing his movies, he wouldn’t have taken it up if it was just run-of-mill. And Excel Entertainment (Farhan Akhtar/Ritesh Sidhwani) can be trusted to deliver quality movies more often than not.

Gangs of Wasseypur: Anurag Kashyap doing an action/gangster movie. Expect an awesome cinematic experience. After what he has done with Dev D,this might as well become my most awaited film of the year once the trailer is out. I guess many people don’t know the movie yet. Just watch out for this one!

Yash Chopra’s next: Well, SRK is the weakest of the 3 Khans officially now. But then Shah Rukh Khan teaming up with Yash Chopra for a pure romantic movie coming on Diwali is humungous, provided SRK doesn’t look any more older than he looks now by the time the movie is released and the story is not still Veer-Zaara type. This is what Mr. Chopra had to say about the movie:
“Will I be able to live up to the blind faith that Shah Rukh has in me? Will I be able to present Katrina and Anushka in a way they have never been seen before? Will I be able to inspire Rahman and Gulzar Bhai enough to create their best work yet? My inner voice is asking me a lot of questions. Are you sure you want to direct again, you are nearly 80 years old and theaudience is getting younger day by day. Can I really speak from my heart and expect youth to listen to me?” . Fingers crossed.

Shanghai : Shanghai is going to be another small gem, if my intution is right. It is a political thriller and is directed by Dibakar Banerjee, who has a superb track record in Khosla Ka Ghosla, Oye Lucky,Lucky oye and Love Sex aur Dhokha. And the star cast? Abhay Deol,Emraan Hashmi (very interesting choice of lead actors!) and Kalki Koelchin. I hope the movie is marketed well and it turns out brilliant.

Barfee: A period romantic comedy involving a guy with a speech and hearing impediment.Now this has all the movie elements which could make for really interesting content. And looking at how Ranbir Kapoor is improving with each movie, he might pull off this role too really well. Director Anurag Basu is inconsistent(Gangtser,Murder,Kites etc) but you can definitely say this is going to be a biggie.

Ek Tha Tiger: If by any chance, Agneepath rewrites box office collections on Republic Day,they are probably all going to be washed away on Eid 2012. I am no Salman Khan fan,but then you just cannot miss out on E.P.I.C. If you don’t get what I am saying, just wait and see how frenzied it gets when the movie releases. The first poster  sure looks cool but right now,with Salman Khan in the movie, NOTHING.ELSE.MATTERS. Incidentally, this is his first movie with YashRaj Films.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag: I guess all movie buffs have a thing for inspirational films. This is going to be one such movie. Rakyesh Om Prakash Mehra sometimes tends to lose track of his narrative as seen in Delhi 6( I liked the movie though) and Aks, but you can’t deny that he is a really intelligent filmmaker who knows how to create and develop interesting characters in his movies and is someone with a passion for cinema. We will hope for another Rang De Basanti.Farhan Akhtar is playing the title role.

Matru ki bijlee ka Mandola: Awesome title for Dumb Charades, isn’t it? :D Its Vishal Bharadwaj’s next and stars Imran Khan and Anushka Sharma.The man has an uncanny knack of making offbeat movies look mainstream which both critics and audience love and has never gone wrong with his movies (except 7 Khoon Maaf). Though I am no where as excited as I was for Kaminey, we’ll wait for the first look. I’m pretty sure Mr.Bharadwaj will make it interesting.

Other interesting films are Bol Bachchan (starring Ajay Devgn,Abhishek Bachchan helmed by Rohit Shetty), Lootera (a period flick directed by Vikramaditya Motwane of Udaan fame), Dabanng 2 (though its going to be crappy, people will go in droves to watch it) , Student of the Year(stupid name, but with KJo back in his territory of sappy college romance,it might turn out half-decent)  and  Rowdy Rathore (Akki in a totally new look. Its a remake of a Telugu movie Vikramarkudu which was average, but there’s already a lot of buzz around the movie).

This is all I could think as of as now. Have I left out any good ones?
Anyway, have a happy and adventurous 2012 and a rocking time at the movies!

Return of the blogger!

I apologize upfront for this post. Sorry, really. I just wanted to get back to writing. I’ll write something good next up :D.

From order to chaos…
Last 2 years have been really smooth for me. Real cozy and smooth. No speed breakers. No potholes. No nothing. Or maybe I was going so slow a speedbreaker didn’t feel like one when I encountered it. So I thought have had enough of this now. Its time to introduce some chaos. No, a lot of chaos. Muhahahahaha. And I have already taken steps towards it. Of course this was not without having endless brainstorming discussions and one-on-one gyan sessions from my myriad wellwishers.( If I am taking a decision, EVERYONE has to know before I take it). And I know some of the people involved are reading this and smiling. Yeah yeah, you smile now. But be ready to get ass-kicked if things don’t pan out as planned. But what’s the fun if things go as planned? There you go. Typical confused myself.

...And back to order
What else? Ever since I dropped my mobile while on my bike for the second time within 6 months ( and got it back by some awesome luck. I feel I expend all my luck for such stupid things and run out of it when it comes to the bigger things :)), I decided that I should get my act together and be more organized. Oh crap, I just realized the first para was about intoducing more chaos and second is about introducing more order to my life. Ah,whatever. So I am putting sticky notes on my PC, near the mirror etc. Below is a sample:

I have been watching random episodes of FRIENDS. And I am falling in love with the series all over again. The best quality about FRIENDS is that you can relate to the characters so much. I can assign each of the characters to my real-life friends and laugh heartily when each one acts like the other. (I am Ross :D ) You don’t get to see this other “popular” TV shows.

Movie every week!!!
The movie marathon has already began. I gather most of my friends are not even aware of what I am speaking ( I have no idea why, people have just stopped watching movies :P) but for me and Krish, the season has just begun. We are gonna watch the shit out of these movies,all the way upto August :D. Below is a list. I hope it motivates our other friends to shake off their lethargy a bit and make a move to the theatre:

22nd April – Rango
30th April – Thor
8th may – Source Code
15th may – No movie
20th May – Pirates of the Caribbean – 4
27th May – Kung Fu Panda 2
June 3 – X-Men : First Class
June 10 – Super 8
June 17th – Green Lantern
June 24th – Cars 2, Zindagi milegi na dobara
July 1st – Transformers 3
July 8th – No movie
July 15th – Harry Potter 7 – Part 2
Jul 22nd – Captain America
July 29th – Cowboys & Aliens

Crises of our times:Part 2 – Really bad times at the movies

I love all genres of movies (cheesy Bollywood fare included) and take pride at being an intelligent movie-goer.But these are grave times for a movie-buff to live in.Friday after Friday, one crappy movie after another gets released,is rejected and bites the dust. 2010 may well have been the worst year for movies. If you are a movie buff, you will know what I am talking about. Lets get some perspective. I was in 6th standard when Jurassic Park released, in 1993. It would take too long for the movie to reach my small town theater; so I watched it on VCD. Little did I realize that years later, I am going to regret all my life for having missed that cinematic experience of a lifetime. Year 2000. Lagaan releases and sweeps the nation in a frenzy where theaters turned into cricket stadiums in a never-before-seen mass hysteria. Or so they say,because I watched the movie in its 12th week,with a 3rd or 4th time audience who only cheered when Bhuvan hit the winning sixer. Since then, I’ve taken a silent pledge that I will watch all big movies in theater. And that’s how I came to see Iron Man 2,Clash of the Titans,Tron:Legacy in 2010,to name a few.Your regular,big-budget, highly-anticipated movies.The twist is,instead of enjoying these movies, I had to endure them. So I thought its time for a rap on the knuckles for our filmmakers.

Let me address our Bollywood fraternity first, one by one:

Mr.Akshay Kumar,
I have somehow ended up seeing lot of your movies in the recent past and have hated most of them. I am sick and tired of your shout-out-your-lines dialogue delivery,your dead-pan-face type of comedy or your I-am-just-being-really-really-stupid-so-you-morons-laugh-at-me kind of roles. I believe there are more such roles of you in 2011 too, one among which is directed by Shirish Kunder.God bless your career. Just one question: How the frig did you think Tees Maar Khan was going to work at any level???

Mr.Johar & Mr. Bhansali,
I want to believe that your attempts were sincere. But please avoid mish-mashing 4-5 Hollywood movies into one movie and presenting it to us and thinking that if one part of the mish-mash doesn’t work, the rest 3 definitely will.Copy just one movie at a time and do it sincerely. Stick to the original. Also please avoid adding sequences just to manipulate the audience’s emotions and make them teary-eyed. Try this : Hrithik Roshan’s mom comes to meet him, and in the next scene,BAM! she is dead. Ash’s husband appears, beats her and takes her away and is never seen again.

Mrs.Farah Khan,
I liked MHN & loved OSO, but TMK? All I can say to you is,keep your husband out of Bollywood. And same question as Akki: Didn’t you at any point during the shooting of that horrendous movie have a hunch that something really terrible is going on here? Or were you just conning everyone involved into some kind of heist like hero does in the movie?

Mr.Shirish Kunder (writer of TMK,Farah Khan’s husband)
Stay away from movies. JUST.STAY.AWAY.

Mr.Hrithik Roshan ,
Just when you are about to sign a movie,please follow these steps: 1) Take a deep breath. 2) Pause. 3) Take a deep breath again. 4) Relax for a minute. 5) Now continue.

Mr.Abhishek Bachchan,
No idea? Get idea.

Mr.Imran Khan,
Making cute puppy-like faces is not going to get you anywhere as an actor.Grow up fast and choose better roles.

Mr.Ram Gopal Varma,
Sir, no one knows what goes on in your mind.You won’t listen to me anyway. Even as you dump one crappy idea after another on us, we still expect you to suddenly come up with another spark of brilliance like a Satya or a Company or one of your superb Telugu movies from times long past. I sometimes wonder where you get the money for all the “experimental” cinema you make.

Ms.Deepika Padukone, Ms. Priyanka Chopra, Ms.Sonam Kapoor and all ladies,
Munni & Sheila stole the thunder from you gals last year. I hope you follow their footsteps and do a better job in 2011 :P ;)

To all Hollywood filmmakers in general,
You guys have succeeded in making me groan every time at the end of a film trailer, you announce “in 3D” with a thud.Lets admit it, not all of us are James Cameron and not every movie is Avatar. Please don’t use 3D just for the heck of it and definitely don’t add it as an afterthought.10 out of 10 times, the effects are going to be disastrous. (Clash of the Titans, Avatar:The Last airbender). I also want to point out that original ideas and great story-telling will always be appreciated, but I guess we are too late for this year. 2011 is again going to choc-a-bloc with dead and buried franchises being brought to life, prequels,remakes,sequels of remakes and what not. I daresay I’m looking forward to few of them ( X Men: first Class,Kung Fu panda 2, Captain America etc). So I can only appeal to you not to spoil the the sanctity and the honor for the original movies, and if you can, at least try to get some sort of plot going.

But we can’t stop going to the movies,can we? :) Like, I know Transformers-3 is going to be as crappy as TF-1 & TF-2, with close up shots of colorful metal clanking and scattering all over the screen, but I am still going to catch it anyway. I only hope things get so bad that Micheal Bay gets nominated for Oscars next year. Have a great time at the movies!

Update: Seems like 7 Khoon Maaf is also getting bad reviews. Goes to prove even a brilliant filmmaker like Vishal Bhardwaj can have a bad day too. Alas, where have the good stories gone?


I sincerely hope this deadly set of original non-jokes (one or two modified) will spell an end to all Rajni-isms once and for all. Until his next movie that is.

  1. Google has officially announced it will replace “I’m feeling lucky” with “I feel I’m Rajnikanth”
  2. Once Rajnikanth got very angry and crushed a TV totally flat. Steve Jobs calls it the iPad.
  3. Rajnikanth was the chief guest at The Last Supper. He complained to Jesus about the oily masala dosa.
  4. Reputed economists felt that the country’s economy is highly dependent on the number of times Rajnikanth says “Mind it…Rascala” in a day. A count is being maintained now. Its called the Sensex.
  5. There is no spoon,because Rajnikanth is using the spoon to eat Idly Sambar.
  6. Why did Rajnikanth stop jogging? Because he went jogging once and landed in the year 3010 .
  7. Rajnikanth once hit Newton with an apple.
  8. Micheal Schumacher and Rajnikanth had a race. And guess what? Rajnikanth lost the race by .03 seconds!  If I have to mention, Micheal was in his Ferrari and Rajnikanth was sleep walking.
  9. Rajnikanth has watched Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag, one-and-a-half times.(Even Rajni couldn’t watch any more)
  10. What happens when Rajnikanth travels in  BMTC 201 bus? After getting down, his pockets will be filled with wallets.
  11. Rajnikanth gets sambar with dosa in MTR.Period.
  12. One day Balayya visited Rajnikanth and paid his respects. It was Teachers’ Day.
  13. Before Rajnikanth successfully created his clone “Chitti the Robot”, there were some failed and rejected prototypes. 1st one was called Superman, 2nd one Batman and the 3rd Spiderman.
  14. Every year,Rajnikanth sends Christmas gifts to only one person – The Santa Claus.
  15. Once Rajnikanth got sucked into a black hole….and walked out from the other end of it.
  16. Rajnikanth has never written a for loop in his life,because….. if Rajnikanth says 1 time, it is equal to Rajnikanth saying n times; n <= infinity.
  17. Rajnikanth’s law of Brownian motion : Bullets from the villain’s gun move in random directions and will eventually hit the villain and all his chamchas.
  18. Coffee with Karan changes its name for Rajnikanth episode – Chakara Pongal with Rajni.
  19. As a kid, Rajnikanth had a huge score to settle with another boy for stealing his toy airplane. The boy went into hiding and has been absconding ever since. His name is Osama Bin Laden.
  20. Christopher Nolan wanted to cast Rajnikanth in INCEPTION. But Rajni wanted slight changes in the plot – Rajni has a twin brother. Both incept into each other’s minds, they find two more twin brothers there in limbo, and together they incept again into each other’s minds. Then the bad guy enters. At this point, Nolan stopped Rajni and ran off to meet Leonardo Di Caprio.
  21. PI (22/7) insulted Rajnikanth long time ago. Since then, it is called an irrational number.
  22. The code of The Matrix has this as its first line :  #include<thalaivar.h>. That’s how Neo learnt KungFu.

Thoughts and Resolutions

I think it is only justified I warn my readers here. Below, the author has just listed few recent mundane events about his not-so-happening life, most probably because of a misplaced illusion that these events were important to his own life, and as an extension,important to others too. As if it was not enough, he has also gone ahead and made a vain attempt at philosophical ranting and brooding ( just in case the readers miss the tone). Hence, for an unsuspecting reader, considerable grave dangers lie ahead. If you are still tempted to risk this read for the sake of a slight possibility of a guilty pleasure from the morose delectation in a fellow human being’s miserable life, then go ahead and suit yourself. You have been warned.

  • Awesome bike trip to Lepakshi (130 kms from Bangalore). It was just the wide open road,me and clouds above. Peaceful. Thanks Kots for coming :). Resolution 5 trips before end of year. 1 down , 4 more to go.
  • My first Tamil movie. Someone at the theater asked which movie we have come to watch. I replied excitedly,”Endhiran” as if I have been eating Chennai-style saapad sadam all my life and am the biggest Rajni fan ever. I looked at Vini and we both started laughing. And for all those who have seen the movie,”Roboooooo” :D. Wait for my next post ;)
  • You don’t get to listen to great music these days, but there are a few sparks of brilliance here and there if you look carefully. I am talking about the soundtrack of Udaan. Its been one month and I just haven’t been able to get over it. Absolutely amazing track. Most.inspirational.album.ever. Its sad that albums like this don’t get noticed in the reels of crappy music being churned out. Similar thing happened with Luck By Chance(another awesome album and movie too) last year.
  • Its great to make new friends,always. I’m doing good at this. Resolution
    Shun ego and reach out to more people.
  • I am back to my yoga routine with full gusto..err… well with whatever gusto I can manage. You don’t need any more inspiration than those hundreds of youtube videos with fit and bendy females teaching you how to be like them. (As weird as it sounds,its much better than practicing watching men with ripped bodies and huge nipples). Resolution Cut off 3 kgs by year end. Wondering if I can do it without having to run in the outside cold :D.
  • Special mention to Futurama. It started off slow but I am totally into it now .And this line never gets old : “I’m bender,baby! Pleeeease insert LIQUOR” :D
  • I went to my native place for Dasara and returned back,mostly unhurt.No major mishaps to report.
  • And the most important thing. A chain of events (which unfolded over the last few months,mind you) resulted in me going into a DETOX mode from my best friends. These people are my best friends, people who I talk to everyday, and totally cutting them off for even a few days was not easy. But then its no good to be in a comfort zone all your life. You’ll never see how things could’ve been if things are not as they are now. I feel I should’ve continued this for a while longer to see the full results, but I guess I’ve learnt my lessons.
  • On a related arrogant note, people WILL act stupid if they have to,and you have to take all this in your stride and move on. There’s a whole LIFE waiting ahead ;)

Update : I dropped my phone somewhere on the way back from office, and never got it back. RIP, Phone :P. Today I learned its always advisable to keep valuables in the bag rather than in your trouser pockets.

I have been Tagged!!!

(Tagging : The original blog author writes a post then tags fellow bloggers who will then write a blog post on the same topic and then tag more people, thus continuing the chain)

Rashmi has tagged me with the topic “7 things about myself“.Since its our Gurumata’s order, I had no choice but to write “7 things about myself” :D. Presenting :

1) I get scared watching horror movies.They are fun and entertaining,but when the lights turn off & it gets dark, thats when the shadows turn sinister.For the next couple of days, I maintain a heightened sense of awareness by checking behind the door before entering the restroom at night,checking over my shoulder etc.

2) This started very recently – sometimes when I see a particularly moving sequence in a movie,I start “cutting onions”. While that’s OK,off late I have this slight urge to break into a full-fledged cry and get it done with. Guess I am getting older. In the future,when I go to watch Toy story 6 and Andy says “…Woody’ll never give up on you…He’ll always there for you, no matter what.”, I hope I don’t end up bawling in the theater and scare the kids sitting next to me.

3) Mom & dad feel I have sorta lost my way after I moved to Bangalore. They say I was a sweetheart and a gem of a boy before and haven’t changed for good as years passed by. I think they are just sad :). Though I miss living with my parents, I haven’t regretted moving here one day.

4) I will never want to be out of India for any extended period of time (say,more than 1 year).I can confidently say now that this opinion will never change.After all,home is where the heart is :).

5) I love my fridge! In fact, its the first big thing I bought from my own earning. There’s something really satisfying & soothing about having a big box full of food items,stored in a cool place; makes you feel you are leading the good life.Some innocent happiness which no other gadget will give.Watever :D

6) I am wittier when I write than when I speak. I do crack the occasional joke,but spontaneity and quick comebacks are not my greatest strengths.

7) I am a sucker for anime. So much that if I find a gal who is an anime fan,its like 90% done from my side (I can safely say this because I know its a wild goose chase) ;).

Okay,done . I am tagging  Vini, Divya, Kavya, Krish. Anyone else who wants to be tagged , please feel free to ping me. Who knows this might be your big chance! Who knows, this may go on to become something HUGE and imprint your name in the annals of history. Who knows! ;) :D :P