Kickstart 2009!

Sigh!!! Another year comes to an end…And what an year it has been!The most enlightening year of my life should be a compact and proper way to put it. So much happened in the world around me,and more inside my head. A most ‘thought-provoking’ year indeed :D Thought about myself, my career,family,friends, country… .And as life passed by, strangers turned acquaintances, acquaintances turned friends and friends to best friends :)…Thank you for all the wishes and for just being there :) (Too cheesy,cant help)

Coming to this year, a huge to-do list awaits! I have a lot planned on the ‘myself’ front this year.Naysayers who went about saying I have changed and all for the worse….Lemme tell you…U ain’t seen anything yet ( I haven’t changed!:P I just didn’t wanna miss out on a chance to say that :D) . In 2009,I ‘aspire’ to be/do all these : a lil less lazy and a lil more disciplined…. a lil more diet conscious and a lil less gluttonous…a lil more time with books and a lil less time in front of my PC ….A lil more friends and a lil less enemies(No enemies please, this was added just to continue the flow)…. a lil more practical (you are free to make your own interpretations of ‘practical’ ) and a lil less emotional..A lil more Secret Resolution 1 & a lil less Secret Resolution 2 ;) ;)…. I understand there will be slight trepidation amongst a few best wishers ( “Pavan, if you are not gluttonous,you will lose your identity” and things like that :P ) but I assure everyone I will be as recognizable as ever. An assurance to myself :). Last 23 years of my life, not a single new year passed by with me having resolutions and suddenly this year there are so manyWaves of change already….And I give this freedom to all my friends(I meant the minuscule proportion of them going thru this rant) to pick on me or mock me on these resolutions right until Dec 31st,2009 :D And if ppl have suggestions for any other resolutions I ought to have,please feel free to suggest :PHere’s wishing you all an absolutely delightful 2009! Keep smiling! :)

As a passing note, I wish & hope India has a great year too. 2008 has been a rough year. Lessons learnt; 2009 better be good!

( Hehe resolutions need to be quantified,eh? Well, this ‘bit less’ ,’bit more’ suits me perfectly well. Infact, I will go ahead and say I have already achieved most of my resolutions today itself,Jan 1st :D :D. Genius, aint it???)

And one last thing… How can I end this post without a tribute to the most popular(read bugging) topic of 2008 in our circles??? A few quotes from the AMAZING show that is Naruto :

“I am not going to give up…I am not taking back my words… Ore wa ninjo da (This is my way of the ninja)
…. Rasengan!!!

Here,another quote: (:D)
There probably isn’t any meaning in life. Perhaps you can find something interesting to do while you are alive” – Orochimaru

Okay,last one:
I guess people will stop visiting the blog if I continue with this…. :D

See you all around :)