Thoughts and Resolutions

I think it is only justified I warn my readers here. Below, the author has just listed few recent mundane events about his not-so-happening life, most probably because of a misplaced illusion that these events were important to his own life, and as an extension,important to others too. As if it was not enough, he has also gone ahead and made a vain attempt at philosophical ranting and brooding ( just in case the readers miss the tone). Hence, for an unsuspecting reader, considerable grave dangers lie ahead. If you are still tempted to risk this read for the sake of a slight possibility of a guilty pleasure from the morose delectation in a fellow human being’s miserable life, then go ahead and suit yourself. You have been warned.

  • Awesome bike trip to Lepakshi (130 kms from Bangalore). It was just the wide open road,me and clouds above. Peaceful. Thanks Kots for coming :). Resolution 5 trips before end of year. 1 down , 4 more to go.
  • My first Tamil movie. Someone at the theater asked which movie we have come to watch. I replied excitedly,”Endhiran” as if I have been eating Chennai-style saapad sadam all my life and am the biggest Rajni fan ever. I looked at Vini and we both started laughing. And for all those who have seen the movie,”Roboooooo” :D. Wait for my next post ;)
  • You don’t get to listen to great music these days, but there are a few sparks of brilliance here and there if you look carefully. I am talking about the soundtrack of Udaan. Its been one month and I just haven’t been able to get over it. Absolutely amazing track. Most.inspirational.album.ever. Its sad that albums like this don’t get noticed in the reels of crappy music being churned out. Similar thing happened with Luck By Chance(another awesome album and movie too) last year.
  • Its great to make new friends,always. I’m doing good at this. Resolution
    Shun ego and reach out to more people.
  • I am back to my yoga routine with full gusto..err… well with whatever gusto I can manage. You don’t need any more inspiration than those hundreds of youtube videos with fit and bendy females teaching you how to be like them. (As weird as it sounds,its much better than practicing watching men with ripped bodies and huge nipples). Resolution Cut off 3 kgs by year end. Wondering if I can do it without having to run in the outside cold :D.
  • Special mention to Futurama. It started off slow but I am totally into it now .And this line never gets old : “I’m bender,baby! Pleeeease insert LIQUOR” :D
  • I went to my native place for Dasara and returned back,mostly unhurt.No major mishaps to report.
  • And the most important thing. A chain of events (which unfolded over the last few months,mind you) resulted in me going into a DETOX mode from my best friends. These people are my best friends, people who I talk to everyday, and totally cutting them off for even a few days was not easy. But then its no good to be in a comfort zone all your life. You’ll never see how things could’ve been if things are not as they are now. I feel I should’ve continued this for a while longer to see the full results, but I guess I’ve learnt my lessons.
  • On a related arrogant note, people WILL act stupid if they have to,and you have to take all this in your stride and move on. There’s a whole LIFE waiting ahead ;)

Update : I dropped my phone somewhere on the way back from office, and never got it back. RIP, Phone :P. Today I learned its always advisable to keep valuables in the bag rather than in your trouser pockets.


Celeb resolutions

My friend Vinay calls me Paparazzi Potter. Motivated by the nick name, I have been doing some paparazzi work off late and have come across some interesting gossip,sorry truth,truth and nothing but truth. 2009 has seen many controversies and our celebrities have made resolutions for 2010.I have learned about some of these resolutions from our so called celebrities. Let’s have a look.

Our honorable Minister of State, Shashi Tharoor has resolved to work for the External ministry through twitter only. So in the future, you may find tweets like these on Tharoor’s page :

  •  Me n SMK (SM Krishna) met our Chinese cntrparts for dinner. I asked them to open their eyes and LOLd
  •  Writing this report while watching ‘Dawn of the Dead‘. Lyk it and hope I dont end up with a report on zombies ;)

Shiney Ahuja has decided to do all the household chores himself as it’ll keep him occupied while being jobless and it will serve another bigger purpose too, of introspection.No maids in 2010!

Kareena Kapoor was the only one in the country who actually understood what problem Shiv Sena had with this poster of Kurbaan–>
So her resolution for 2010 is have a poster with the positions reversed.She said in a press meet “I am sure the Shiv sainiks will have no complaints after this”

Pramod Mutalik‘s new year resolution is simple and straightforward. Attack more girls in public. According to a source, the Pink chaddi campaign didn’t live upto their expectations and the party seniors are complaining that many cadres haven’t got even one pink chaddi yet while the more powerful and influential ones are keeping all the chaddis

Barack Obama‘s resolution is  to not do or say something which will get him another Nobel prize this year. “I will strive my level best,” says a press release from Washington D.C. quoting the US President, “but I cannot guarantee that the Nobel committee will not decide to confer me the Peace Prize again. They are nice people.Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. Oh, I digress”

Tiger Woods has a resolution too . But just as he was announcing it, he saw a blonde passing by and before they could catch him, he was gone.

Satyam’s RamaLinga  Raju has other plans. He has just watched Shawshank Redemption in jail and now is planning to reprise Andy Dufrense’s character in real life, but in a much professional and polished way than digging a hole for 20 years. He has planned to manipulate the records in the jail so much that there is will be no evidence that he was ever in jail. And finally he’ll make a dramatic escape, something like in this pic.

In midst of all this, one man has made a silent resolution to himself. Or I wish he has. Hit a century in every match :D. Sachin Tendulkar : Switch to GODMODE!

Any other celebs whose resolutions you would wanna know? ;)

Happy New Year everyone! Let the FUN continue :)

Kickstart 2009!

Sigh!!! Another year comes to an end…And what an year it has been!The most enlightening year of my life should be a compact and proper way to put it. So much happened in the world around me,and more inside my head. A most ‘thought-provoking’ year indeed :D Thought about myself, my career,family,friends, country… .And as life passed by, strangers turned acquaintances, acquaintances turned friends and friends to best friends :)…Thank you for all the wishes and for just being there :) (Too cheesy,cant help)

Coming to this year, a huge to-do list awaits! I have a lot planned on the ‘myself’ front this year.Naysayers who went about saying I have changed and all for the worse….Lemme tell you…U ain’t seen anything yet ( I haven’t changed!:P I just didn’t wanna miss out on a chance to say that :D) . In 2009,I ‘aspire’ to be/do all these : a lil less lazy and a lil more disciplined…. a lil more diet conscious and a lil less gluttonous…a lil more time with books and a lil less time in front of my PC ….A lil more friends and a lil less enemies(No enemies please, this was added just to continue the flow)…. a lil more practical (you are free to make your own interpretations of ‘practical’ ) and a lil less emotional..A lil more Secret Resolution 1 & a lil less Secret Resolution 2 ;) ;)…. I understand there will be slight trepidation amongst a few best wishers ( “Pavan, if you are not gluttonous,you will lose your identity” and things like that :P ) but I assure everyone I will be as recognizable as ever. An assurance to myself :). Last 23 years of my life, not a single new year passed by with me having resolutions and suddenly this year there are so manyWaves of change already….And I give this freedom to all my friends(I meant the minuscule proportion of them going thru this rant) to pick on me or mock me on these resolutions right until Dec 31st,2009 :D And if ppl have suggestions for any other resolutions I ought to have,please feel free to suggest :PHere’s wishing you all an absolutely delightful 2009! Keep smiling! :)

As a passing note, I wish & hope India has a great year too. 2008 has been a rough year. Lessons learnt; 2009 better be good!

( Hehe resolutions need to be quantified,eh? Well, this ‘bit less’ ,’bit more’ suits me perfectly well. Infact, I will go ahead and say I have already achieved most of my resolutions today itself,Jan 1st :D :D. Genius, aint it???)

And one last thing… How can I end this post without a tribute to the most popular(read bugging) topic of 2008 in our circles??? A few quotes from the AMAZING show that is Naruto :

“I am not going to give up…I am not taking back my words… Ore wa ninjo da (This is my way of the ninja)
…. Rasengan!!!

Here,another quote: (:D)
There probably isn’t any meaning in life. Perhaps you can find something interesting to do while you are alive” – Orochimaru

Okay,last one:
I guess people will stop visiting the blog if I continue with this…. :D

See you all around :)